The finished product of "school awesomiseation"!

The finished product of "school awesomiseation"!

Ramatu was bitten by a snake when going to the toilet in bushes .

Ramatu was bitten by a snake when going to the toilet in bushes.

Sierra Leone

BREAKING NEWS: In June 2018, we completed our $23,000 fundraising for One Girl. We are grateful for your help!

Thank you for buying our book, for supporting Russell Investments' Do It In A Dress last year, and for your personal donations. We'll post more pictures when the project is complete.

One Girl and School Awesomisation: how building toilets can keep girls in school

In Sierra Leone something as simple as a toilet can mean the difference between a girl getting an education, or not.

Many schools don’t have adequate toilet or water facilities, so students don’t have a place to do their business in safety. Without a toilet girls have nowhere to change their pads, or water to wash their hands during their period.

So instead, they stay home and miss out on school. It negatively impacts their attendance, grades, and quality of education.

But One Girl are changing this by building toilets in schools across Sierra Leone.

Your donation through Big Love Family Projects will provide One Girl with the funds to build another in-school toilet and enough to send ten girls back to school through our Scholarship program - not only paying for girls tuition, but for everything they need in order to be in school and succeed. 

Here are some Crap Facts.

  • 1 in 3 people, or 2.4 billion, are still without sanitation facilities.

  • 93% of people in rural Sierra Leone do not have access to sanitary toilet facilities.

  • 46% schools in developing countries do not have toilets.

  • Women and girls living without any toilets spend 97 billion hours each year finding a place to go.

  • The lack of toilets affects school attendance. There is clear evidence that toilets keep children healthy and in school. When schools lack private and hygienic toilets, many adolescent girls stay home during menstruation, missing several school days each month.

Here’s what we’re doing about it.

1. Toilet construction

Addressing the lack of toilets in schools that cater for girls to be able to go to the toilet safely and manage their periods while they are at school. We’ll ensure the toilets are accessible for girls as well as boys, and students of all abilities.

2. Establishing a water source

Toilets are just one piece of the puzzle - many schools we work in don’t have access to a water source to allow students to wash their hands and practice good hygiene. We’ll establish a water source alongside the toilet block.

3. WASH and MHM Education

To make sure the project is sustainable we will empower the students, parents and teachers with Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) training and Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) training so that they are equipped to use the facilities properly, and gain greater knowledge about their bodies and health.

In partnership with One Girl, Big Love Family Projects will commit to raise funds to support the following specific initiatives (you can follow our progress here):

  • School "awesomeisation" at one school in rural Sierra Leone (location to be confirmed in October 2017 One Girl planning). A$20,000.

  • Ten full scholarships to send girls to school in rural Sierra Leone. $A3,000.