Jodie Hampshire is the author and publisher of Lionheart. A mother of four, she has been an adoptive parent for over a decade.

Her professional education was in finance, where she works full-time. Over the years, she’s worked in Sydney and London for investment managers, she’s been a stay-at-home mum, established a children’s fashion line and been a Board director.

With her research and logic-based training, she naturally assumed she would be able to figure out adoptive parenting without too many issues. She assumed that plenty of love and enough money could fix everything. She quickly learned how naïve she was.

She has particular expertise in therapeutic parenting, post-traumatic stress disorder and older child adoption.

Jodie had long murmured about writing a book on adoptive parenting. A bout with breast cancer left her with a renewed commitment to chase her dreams. She easily convinced her collaborators and dear friends to join her in creating the adoptive parenting guidebook they wish they had had ten years ago.

Jodie writes with honesty, humour and pragmatism. She says that writing Lionheart has been the cheapest therapy she has ever had. Most of the book was written in ten minute snippets in bed on Sunday morning, on the bus or on a plane returning from a business trip. 

Her favourite parenting advice is to be unshockable, always. And this too shall pass. Both pearls of wisdom have been applied countless times to her adoptive parenting life. She expects they’ll continue to be used with great regularity.

Jodie lives with her family near the beach in Sydney. Beyond her family, she is obsessed with her cats, exercise, the ocean, Picnic bars and people with big dreams or big hearts, or even better, both.