We've spoken for years about "doing something" in our children's birth countries. We've spoken for years about "writing something" to help other adoptive parents. Then we realised we should put the two together, meaning that all proceeds from Lionheart will go to Big Love Family Projects!

We knew the world didn't need us to create a new charity: there are plenty of fantastic ones who could do more great things with more funding. We know that funding projects in the developing world is difficult, with a host of unanticipated challenges. We have learnt from experience that best efforts can sometimes be wasted.

So, Big Love Family Projects is a fund-raising umbrella across a number of projects targeted at vulnerable children and vulnerable families. We have and will partner with charities with experience in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cambodia. We have and will fund the Projects through our own donations, our book proceeds (these will be split between the three countries), and donations from our networks. We will fund discrete projects or initiatives only, with a budget and a start and finish date.


The list of Big Love Family Projects for 2017 and 2018 are as follows (there are a couple of others likely to be added to this list shortly):

  1. Big Love Family Projects - Liberia. In association with Braveheart Liberia, we purchased an acre of land to develop into a sustainable living project for the community of Sugar Hill. Status: COMPLETE.
  2. Big Love Family Projects - Sierra Leone. In association with registered Australian charity One Girl, we will fund the "awesomisation" of a school in rural Sierra Leone. We will also provide scholarships to ten girls to attend school for one year. Funding target: A$23,000. Status: in planning mode.
  3. Big Love Family Projects - Cambodia. Project under discussion, more to come. 
  4. Big Love Family Projects - Liberia. Project to create sustainable living and income for the community of Sugar Hill. Status: waiting for funding. Funding target: US$8,850. 



All proceeds from sales of Lionheart: The Real Life Guide for Adoptive Families, will be donated to Big Love Family Projects. As soon as the book launches, we'll have purchasing details here. 

If you would like to donate to the project, here's how:

Big Love Family Projects - Liberia: please contact Selina for this.

Big Love Family Projects - Sierra Leone: all donations are managed by One Girl, you will receive a receipt for Australian tax purposes.

Big Love Family Projects - Cambodia: more detail to follow.