Robert Harris is a contributor to Lionheart, providing content from his interest in the neuro-science of developmental trauma and a male’s approach to relational interaction with adopted children. A father of four (and Jodie Hampshire’s husband), he has been an adoptive parent for over a decade.

Robert is a retired banker and barrister. He takes a research-based approach to life in general, and his approach to adoptive parenting is no different. Since retiring from professional life, he set up a therapy business based on drumming, Drum Therapy Australia and he runs The Sydney Community Drum Circle for adults of all ages and abilities. 

Robert has particular experience in trauma-informed parenting, therapeutic parenting, post-traumatic stress disorder and older child adoption.   He is currently pursuing post graduate qualifications in child developmental trauma.

His favourite parenting advice is that every action, every behaviour, is totally and utterly logical to the child at the time. Keeping this in mind helps him retain calm and perspective when dealing with tricky issues.

Robert lives with his family near the beach in Sydney. Beyond his family, he is obsessed with drumming, playing the piano badly, Krav Maga, dad jokes and dad dancing.