Tammie Flinos is an author of Lionheart. A mother of four, she has been an adoptive parent for over a decade.

Tammie is a trained midwife and loves all things related to babies, children and animals. Since having her children, Tammie has mostly been a full-time mum, with a period running a children’s dance-based activity class with Selina, a stint running a small Steiner school and providing birth education and support wherever she has been based.

Tammie has been challenged as an adoptive mother like the other authors. For Tammie in particular, her own sunny disposition saw her to wanting to love the trauma out of her child. She learned that allowing a child to feel real, negative emotions is exactly what they sometimes need. She has expertise in attachment issues, sensory issues and baby adoption.

Tammie’s writing is much like her approach to life: full of emotion, and full of love. During the writing process, Tammie was the one who brought lots of the heart to the book.

Tammie’s favourite parenting advice is when a child is acting out, there is something emotional going on inside. Creating a safe space for them to be able to express their real emotions helps to decrease these outbursts or calm them after they occur.

Tammie recently returned to Australia where she lives with her family on a property on the Mornington Peninsula. Adding animals almost weekly, she is now where she’s dreamt of being for some years.

Being settled in Australia is also allowing her to start her business, Sway Natural Birth and Parenting. Beyond her family, she is obsessed with creating new ideas, dancing, yoga, children’s books and travelling.